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Mental Health Voices

The Mental Health Voices is an annual event to learn more about what we do while providing an opportunity to make a donation to improve the lives of those living with a mental illness.  This Year we are featuring Bob Rennie as our 2013 Mental Health Voices Award Recipient.


Mental Health Voices Award 2013 from CMHA Vancouver-Burnaby on Vimeo.


What is “Pandemonium”?

The “Pandemonium: Youth with Anxiety Group” is a recreation-based program. It provides a fun, social and safe environment for young people who have a serious mental health concern and who experience anxiety. The majority of the youth are referred to CMHA by an Adolescent Day Treatment Program.

Our program allows these individuals to establish normal roles with their peers and build strong friendships. If they have been isolated for a long time, their reintegration into community also facilitates the development of personal support networks.

This early intervention program is proactive and builds resiliency which ultimately leads to individuals fully developing and leading productive lives in the community. In addition, it also alleviates the stress that it might cause the family members.

Thank you to our sponsors Fasken Martineau and Blue Cross.

Mental Health Voices Awards


Pandemonium from CMHA Vancouver-Burnaby on Vimeo.

Mental Health Voices 2011 - Senator Larry Campbell from CMHA BC on Vimeo.


Rafe Mair | 2009 Mental Health Voices Award Recipient from Lemongrass on Vimeo.


Burnaby Recreation Services Program from Lemongrass on Vimeo.

Matthew Good - Mental Health Voices Award 2008

2007 Mental Health Voices

2007 - The Courtnall Family

2007 - Jin Wang, Chinese Mental Health Outreach Program

2007 - Will and Louise, Employment Services

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2006 - Archbishop Raymond Roussin

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