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Every year, CMHA Vancouver-Burnaby Branch awards the Mental Health Voices Award to an individual who has used their voice to advance mental health and/or reduce the stigma related to mental illness.  The campaign raises funds to improve the mental health of children and youth by providing support, education and awareness, all of which are key factors to ensuring positive mental health as an adult.  

On October 15th, the 2014 Mental Health Voices Award recipient, Vancouver Whitecaps FC defender Andy O'Brien officially kicks off the annual giving campaign by sharing his story and his work to overcome mental illness. The community is grateful that Andy uses his visibility as a professional athlete to urge others to seek help for depression. 

In addition to Andy's story, two other individuals in the CMHA family also share their stories, their journeys in dealing with mental illness and the incredible strides in their recoveries. 

In Canada, an alarming 3.2 million young people between the ages of 12-19 year old are at risk of developing a mental illness. Only 1 out of 5 of these children will get the mental health services they need due to a lack of programs and services. 

We need your help to change this! 100 % of your donations go CMHA's Child and Youth Programs. 

Matched by Chimp, Mental Health Voices donations will be matched up to $250.00 per donor. 



Mental Health Voices Past Awards

Bob Rennie as our 2013 Mental Health Voices Award Recipient.

Mental Health Voices Award 2013 from CMHA Vancouver-Burnaby on Vimeo.

Pandemonium from CMHA Vancouver-Burnaby on Vimeo.

Mental Health Voices 2011 - Senator Larry Campbell from CMHA BC on Vimeo.


Rafe Mair | 2009 Mental Health Voices Award Recipient from Lemongrass on Vimeo.


Burnaby Recreation Services Program from Lemongrass on Vimeo.

Matthew Good - Mental Health Voices Award 2008

2007 Mental Health Voices

2007 - The Courtnall Family

2007 - Jin Wang, Chinese Mental Health Outreach Program

2007 - Will and Louise, Employment Services

2006 Mental Health Voices

2006 - Archbishop Raymond Roussin

2006 - Theresa Duggan

2006 - The Cleaning Solution